Malmenvall, Simon

Malmenvall, Simon

Courses Philosophy and Religion

Simon Malmenvall was born in 1991 in Trieste (Italy). In 2012 Malmenvall graduated in history and Russian studies at the Faculty of Arts within the University of Ljubljana. In 2014 he concluded his graduate studies with a master’s degree in history at the mentioned faculty. In 2018 he obtained a doctoral degree in theology at the Faculty of Theology within the University of Ljubljana. In 2019 he completed the state qualifying examination in librarianship at the National and University Library of Slovenia.

Between 2016 and 2018 Malmenvall worked as a junior research fellow at the Faculty of Theology. From 2018 he works as the head of the library and archival work at the Catholic Institute, research fellow at the Faculty of Law and Business Studies, and lecturer and research fellow at the Faculty of Theology. In 2019 he achieved the habilitation as assistant professor (docent) at the Faculty of Theology in the field of religious studies and religious anthropology. From 2019 to 2021 he was the head of the postdoctoral basic research project “Ruler Saints (Martyrs) on the Periphery of Medieval Europe: Kievan Rus’, Norway, Dioclea.” From 2021 to 2025 he is the head, within the Faculty of Theology, of the Stanko Janežič Institute of Dogmatic, Fundamental, and Ecumenical Theology and Religious Studies and Dialogue. 

From 2009 Malmenvall published over one hundred scientific works and translations in the field of cultural and ecclesiastical history, philosophy, ecumenical theology, ecclesiology, and history of literature. His main research interest is theological thought of the East Christendom and history of the Catholic-East Orthodox relations. He is the author of the scientific monographs Culture of Kievan Rus’ and Christian Historical Consciousness (2019, published by the Faculty of Theology) and Ruler Martyrs on the Periphery of Medieval Europe: Boris and Gleb of Rus', Jovan Vladimir of Dioclea, and Magnus Erlendsson of Orkney (published by the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade, 2021). In 2018 he received the prestigious Solemn Charter for Young University Teachers and University Associates awarded by the University of Ljubljana. In 2020 he received the prestigious international Danubius Young Scientist Award granted by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research in collaboration with the Joint Research Center of the European Commission for extraordinary achievements in scientific activity and output in relation to the Danube Region. He translated into Slovene language (2019, 2020, published by the Cultural and Art Society Logos) the monumental work Ways of Russian Theology (1937) written by the Russian East Orthodox theologian and historian Georges Florovsky.

Malmenvall actively speaks Slovene, Russian, English, Italian, and Serbian language, he is a passive speaker of German, Ukrainian, Latin, and Church Slavic.