Mobilnost študentov (ang.)

How to apply. Eligibility.

The necessary requirements to become a CEEPUS student are:

  • to be a student of a university in a CEEPUS country,
  • to be a citizen of a CEEPUS member state (or of a EU/EWR state respectively). Students who do not have the citizenship of a CEEPUS member state need to upload an „equal status document" (visa, residence permit) to apply.
  • two semesters completed of a regular course of studies during the exchange.

There are two ways to apply:

  1. through networks or
  2. as a freemover.

To be involved into CEEPUS there are some steps to do.

In the home country:

  1. select a network
  2. follow the application procedure:
    • apply for mobility at the CEEPUS coordinator of your university,
    • your CEEPUS coordinator (home coordinator) accepts your application,
    • you have to upload your application in English to the main CEEPUS website,
    • your home coordinator nominates you,
    • your online application goes through the administration process, and
    • if you are awarded the scholarship, you will be informed via email.
  3. acceptance of your scholarship online
  4. preparation of stay (necessary documents, accommodation, etc.
  5. end of the stay to confirm the stay are necessary:
    • the Letter of Confirmation (LoC) filled out online by the network coordinator at the host institution
    • the Mobility Report: filled out online by the scholarship holder
Application deadlines.
  • 15 June for the autumn term
  • 31 October for the spring term

This is not the only way to join CEEPUS programme. You can take part also as freemover. Who freemovers are? If your university isn't member of a network or you would like to go a university outside a network, you can join to CEEPUS programme for the second semester. You need two documents: a Letter of Acceptance from the host institution and a Letter of Recommendation from two different teachers of your university. You can download both of them from the CEEPUS website after the registration or the right side of our website. 

Application deadline: 30 November.

Mobility types.
  • student: from 3 months to 10 months
  • short Term Students: 1-2 months (only available for Ph.D. students or final year in MA/BA in order to research for degree/thesis). NOTE! In the „Motivation” part of the online application form the applicant has to be specified that he/she will work on his/her thesis/research.
  • short Term Excursions: 3-10 days (intensive programmes, summer/winter universities, excursions).