Legal and Study Acts

This site is provided without links as legal and study documents pertain only to the slovene authorities and for the purposes of external auditing by the National Agency for Quality in Higher Education (NAKVIS).

Official legal acts for the implementation of the educational process at the FLBS:

  • Graduation Chapter
  • Examination Rules

Self-evaluation reports for the purpose of measuring the quality by the National Agency for Quality in Higher Education.

  • Report 2010-11
  • Report 2011-12
  • Report 2012-13
  • Report 2013-14

Some other official acts which are not publicly available and are crucial to the smooth operation of processes at the FLBS are:

  • The Act establishing the Institute Catholic Institute
  • Statute of the Catholic Institute
  • The Act establishing the independent higher education institution
  • Statute FLBS
  • Quality Assurance FLBS
  • The criteria for assessing the entries in the next year
  • Rules on the protection of personal data
  • Rules for issuing materials at the FLBS
  • Rules on the issue of diplomas and certificates of education
  • Rules of the Catholic Institute library