Matija Škerbec, Osebna kronika

Title: Matija Škerbec, Osebna kronika (tipkopis brez vezave, 1957)
Author: Matija Škerbec
Type: unpublished typescript
Genre: memorial literature, political discussion
Material: paper
Length: 33 pages
Publisher: unknown (Matija Škerbec)
Provenience: Catholic Institute, Studia Slovenica; evidence number: ASS 107 ŠKERBEC MATIJA

Notes: The document provides a comprehensive, narratively lively and politically engaged autobiography of the priest Matija Škerbec (1886–1963), long-time dean in Kranj, social worker, founder of industrial-craft cooperatives and political emigrant. Through the text, his personal story is revealed, from his youth in the last period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy to his life in Slovenian parishes in the United States of America after World War II. The content of the autobiography also touches on the social issues of the time, the politics of the Slovenian People's Party, the dictatorship of the Yugoslav King Alexander, the German occupation, the communist revolution, post-war refugees in Austria and the situation in the United States.

Copyright: orphan work

The complete document in digital form is available HERE.

A summary of the document (in Slovenian) is available HERE.
Matija Škerbec, Osebna kronika