The Faculty of Law and Business Studies (FLBS) is the first faculty of the future catholic university; the FLBS was founded by the Catholic Institute. The Faculty has begun its activity in the academic year 2010/11 by launching a university-level Program in Business Studies.

Why to choose the FLBS?

In this program the students will:

  • obtain a thorough knowledge in the field of business sciences
  • acquire the ability of critical thinking through holistic humanism
  • get an individual or personal approach to instruction
  • develop active contacts with representatives of the most reputable Slovenian businesses.
  • Each student receives individualized and personalized follow-up so that, in addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge and skills appropriate for his or her studies, he or she grows and matures as a person and a professional.
  • The student is introduced into the faculty in such a way that his or her transition into the Slovenian life and faculty system is more pleasant.
  • The FLBS offers the opportunity to study in the heart of the Slovenian capital. Living in Ljubljana is much cheaper than living in Switzerland, Germany or Austria.
  • Ljubljana has excellent connections with the rest of Europe with low cost daily flights to major cities with companies like Ryanair or Easyjet.
  • Studying abroad is an experience that will allow you to get to know other cultures and give you the opportunity to grow as a person, and the FLBS wants to make your experience as positive as your expectations.
  • The Catholic Institute, Faculty of Law and Business Studies regards the educator as a teacher: knowledge is not simply passed on as if it were consumer goods; rather, a knowledge-based relationship is established whereby teaching goes beyond the mere transmission of notions and factual information. Our approach to teaching revolves around three axes: instruction, education and personal growth. The teacher instructs, thereby providing a fundamental contribution to the structuring of the personality; he or she educates, helping to uncover and activate the capabilities and gifts of everyone and, in accordance with the humanistic philosophy, provides the necessary means for the students' growth as human beings going beyond professional competence that fits into a solid construction and in a transparent correlation with the meanings of life.

The Faculty of Law and Business Studies approaches the education of faculty students taking into consideration the student's whole, rich, personal growth. Its chief objective is for students to acquire a humanistic and scientific background befitting an education of great repercussion for the future of our society.

The Faculty of Law and Business Studies also seeks to integrate knowledge into the Catholic tradition. The faculty spirit leads to a high consideration for the life of intelligence, to the passionate search for truth, to respect the untouchable dignity of people and to put the common good of society before the individual's own interests.
Study Programs

FLBS organizes an International English Programme for Incoming Students. We offer English courses in International Bachelor Degree Programme and in International Postgraduate Programme. Detailed information on international courses can be found under International > ERASMUS (CEEPUS).

Application for admission / Learning agreement
Applications will only be considered through the official nomination submitted by a partner institution. Note, that as an applicant you need to send us a copy of your passport and European Health Insurance Card.