Entry requirements are standard and in line with current legislation. They are published in each call for applications and usually change very little.

Conditions for promotion

In order to be promoted to a higher year, a student must have completed the requirements of the previous year to the extent of 45 credits. Exceptionally, a student who has not reached the prescribed number of credits may also be enrolled in the upper year for justifiable reasons, including maternity, poor social conditions, top athletes, etc. Students may repeat a year once during their studies. The student may repeat the course only if he/she has fulfilled at least half of the requirements of the previous year, i.e. 30 credits. He/she shall normally complete his/her studies within the time limit laid down in the study programme. For justifiable reasons, studies may be extended by one year. However, a student may be promoted to a higher year and complete his/her studies earlier than foreseen in the study programme.

Yearly tuition: 1900€ (Slovene citizens)
5700€ (Foreign citizens)