Alfonz Čuk, Dnevnik 1943–1947

Title: Alfonz Čuk, Dnevnik 1943–1947
Author: Alfonz Čuk
Type: Diary, unpublished paperback manuscript
Genre: memorial literature
Material: paper
Length: 208 pages
Publisher: unknown (Alfonz Čuk)
Provenience: Catholic Institute, Studia Slovenica; evidence number: ASS 33 ČUK ALFONZ

Notes: The systematic and chronological diary of the priest and professor of theology Alfonz Čuk (1912–1975) thoroughly depicts the events in the field of everyday, religious and military-political life in the parish of Štandrež pri Gorici. Through consideration of the rural "microenvironment", which is particularly characterised by the suffering of the civilian population, the wider situation in the area of the Primorje part of the Slovenian territory from the beginning of the German occupation to the post-war transitional period with the demarcation between Yugoslavia and Italy is reflected.

Copyright: orphan work

The complete document in digital form is available HERE.

A summary of the document (in Slovenian) is available HERE.
Alfonz Čuk, Dnevnik 1943–1947