Matija Škerbec, Osebna kronika (1949–1957)

Title: Matija Škerbec, Osebna kronika (1949–1957)
Author: Matija Škerbec
Type: unpublished typescript
Genre: memorial literature, political discussion
Material: paper
Length: 26 pages
Publisher: unknown (Matija Škerbec)
Provenience: Catholic Institute, Studia Slovenica; evidence number: ASS 107 ŠKERBEC MATIJA

Notes: The document provides a systematic, narratively lively and politically engaged autobiography of Matija Škerbec from the time he settled in the United States of America in 1948/1949 until 1957 (six years before his death). Through the text, a part of his life path in the new environment is revealed, which is interwoven with his critical evaluation of the American society at that time, the Slovenian church and cultural organizations there, as well as the ideological diversity among American Slovenians, especially the relationship between pre-war and post-war emigrants.

Copyright: orphan work

The complete document in digital form is available HERE.

A summary of the document (in Slovenian) is available HERE.
Matija Škerbec, Osebna kronika (1949–1957)