Laudato si'– International Political and Legal Aspects

Andrej Fink

Laudato siʼ – International Political and Legal Aspects


Key words: nature, limits, international regulations, positivism, unefficiency, spirituality, christianization

We cannot talk about man, if we do not talk about the environment that surrounds him. Without the environment there is no man. Now, the environment has its own borders. Borders can be of physical or mental nature. The encyclical Laudato si' is dedicated to the very same environment and its borders of various types. Soon after the Second World War, the whole humankind recognized the fact that the planet Earth is not unlimited and that it has to be protected. For this purpose, the United Nations started to organize international conferences where several countries already accepted many regulations regarding the protection of the environment. However, all these regulations are only of positivist nature without any reference to the spiritual project which is an integral part of the human being. They refer only to the nature in the physical sense without spiritual dimensions, let alone to the Creator of the aforementioned nature. Therefore, all these regulations proved themselves as week and inefficient. Laudato si' talks in a Christian perspective, it expresses something new. It represents the Christianization of the entire issue. With this encyclical the Pope is once again putting things in their proper place.


Laudato si'– International Political and Legal Aspects