Laudato si' – towards the principle of a Catholic eco-dia-logue

Jurij Dobravec

Laudato siʼ – towards the principle of a Catholic eco-dia-logue


Key words: interrelations, dialogue, ecology, philosophy of nature, pope Francis

Life as a biological process and Earth phenomenon represents inseparable interrelation among human beings and other nature. Therefore, resolving cracks award during recent environmental and social crisis is to be more successful by dealing with relations as by treating opposite clients like nature features on one side and human species on another. In Laudato si', Pope Francis is calling for a turn of human inner attitude into a deeper dialogue with nature and human neighbours. Many ecologists and philosophers recognized similar ideas, of those some are shortly presented here. Pope Francis is – likely unintentionally – summarizing and upgrading their thoughts and brings them to the broader audience in the form of universal ecology, which is rooted in the Christian tradition and supported by his authority. We will show how such ideas – tightly connected with natural processes and rhythms – extent fictive reconciliations about awareness of nature into a practical dialogue between humans and nature, without losing inherent characteristics of every involved participant.


Laudato si' – towards the principle of a Catholic eco-dia-logue