Ehrlich and the Problems of Slovenian Christian Democratic Self-Confidence

Janez Juhant

Ehrlich in problemi slovenske krščansko-demokratične samozavesti

Key words: Lambert Ehrlich, Gregorij Rožman, Christianity, Guards movement (Slovenia), Youths of Christ the King, totalitarianism, communism

The article discusses the importance and role of Christian values for the democratic functioning of society. Lambert Ehrlich (1878–1942) strove for this with an exemplary, decisive, witnessing, Christian-based personal life attitude. He taught and organized Slovenians so that, in loyalty to the faith and the nation, they would preserve these foundations for the survival and self-defence of personal and national independence. He was an example and support to young and afflicted people in Carinthia and later, after his emigration, in Ljubljana as a university professor (since 1922) and spiritual leader of students (since 1931). He helped them develop Christian-social democratic attitudes and warned against the influences and dangers of communism, fascism, and national socialism. Despite his physical murder and erasure from collective memory carried out by the communists, his ideas about freedom, Christianity, and democratic values came true in the Slovenian state. Today, we are threatened by both consumerism and soft totalitarianism, which is why prudent people are once again calling for Ehrlich’s topical reflections.


Ehrlich and the Problems of Slovenian Christian Democratic Self-Confidence