Business finance

SubjectBusiness finance
Semester4th semester (spring)
Study programme:Business studies
Primary language:Slovene
The course will be conducted in the Slovene language in accordance with an officially approved curriculum in the undergraduate study program Business Studies.
Students need to understand the basic concepts of mathematics and statistics to follow the lecture and understand the study materials that will be provided during the course.

• To present students basic theoretical concepts in applied cases in the areas of business finance and financial management.
• To present students principles and basic tools that are needed in the financial functions of the company.
• Acquiring knowledge and understanding the basic principles of financial function in the company's financial director.
• Understanding the financing of the company.
• Understanding the value of money in time, profitability, risk, cash flow, methods of financing and allocation of financial assets.
• Ability to recognize financial processes.
• Ability to analyze and optimize financial operations.
• Ability to plan and evaluate future financial performance of a company.
Learning outcomes
The student will gain in-depth knowledge in the fields of finance and business finance, which will make it easier to understand the functioning of the financial world, and in a financial or non-financial company it will be able to make financial decisions and work.

• Introduction to finance
• Company and finance
• Financial function, CFO
• Value of money in time
• Cash flow
• Financing of the company with equity
• Dividend policy
• Financing the company with debts, the role of banks
• Risk and profitability
• Securities, the role of stock exchanges
• Cost and structure of capital.
• Investment decisions.
• Leasing.
• New forms of financing (ICO, blockchain)
Forms and methods of work
• explanation
• case study
• conversation / debate in groups
• individual work on cases

Evaluation system and criteria
Knowledge testing consists of two elements: 1) On/after-course work (30%); 2) Exam (70%).
Learning and study material
  • Stubelj, I., Dolenc, P. in Laporšek, S. (2016). Poslovne finance s primeri in z rešitvami. Ljubljana: FinKin.
  • Brigham, E. F. in Houston, J. F. (2016). Fundamentals of financial management. Boston: Cengage Learning.
Office hours:
  • After courses
  • By agreement


Nekrep, Mojca


Robnik, Lidija