Civil Law

SubjectCivil Law
Semester3rd semester (autumn)
Study programme:Business studies (undergraduate)
Primary language:Slovene
The course will be carried out in the Slovene language and is an obligatory course in accordance with an officially approved curriculum of the Undergraduate Degree Program in Business Studies.
Students have already passed the exam Introduction to Law.
Students must know the basic institutions of civil law as a mean to mantein an ordered coexistence in their personal and business life.

Student will be able to understand the daily interpersonal relations. Also will be able to judge about the rules and functioning of the ordered business activities.
  1. General legal framework. Legal order. Public and private law. Contents.
  2. Legal entity. Hability. Natural person. Legal person.
  3. Rights in general.
  4. Legal fact. Legal act.
  5. Legal relation. Legal object.
  6. Legal duty.
  7. The general part of Civil law.
  8. Legal obligations and contract law.
  9. Property law.
  10. Familiy law.
  11. Heritage law.
Types of work
  • Lectures given directly by lecturers.
  • Individual and independent work making by students.
Evaluation system and criteria
Evaluation system consists of two elements: 1) Seminar work; 2) Coloqium. Each of boath gives an half. For a positive result the student must reach at least 50% of all points.
Teaching and learning material
  •  Juhart, Miha – Možina, Damjan – Novak, Barbara – Polajnar Pavčniuk, Ada – Žnidaršič, Viktorija. Uvod v civilno pravo. 1. Natis. Ljubljana: Uradni list RS, 2010.
  • Novak, Barbara – Možina, Damjan – Žnidaršič Skubic, Viktorija – Dugar, G. Praktikum za uvod v civilno pravo. Ljubljana: Uradni list RS. 2015.
 Office hours
  • Before and after the lectures.
  • By agreement.


Mihelič, Petja