Applied Econometrics and Game Theory

SubjectApplied Econometrics and Game Theory
Semester4th semester (spring)
TypeRequired (area of study: Applied Economics)
Study programme:Business sciences (Master)
Primary language:Slovene
The course will be conducted in the Slovene language. It is an elective course in accordance with the officially approved curriculum of the Master's study program Business Studies.
Students must have a sufficient knowledge of mathematics and statistics in order to be able to follow the course and to understand the study materials and conduct own econometric research.
The main goal is to equip students with econometric tools for assessing models and solving practical problems.
Competencies and Learning Outcomes
After a successful completion of the course, students will gain in-depth knowledge in econometrics. They will be able to carry out econometric analysis of a basic econometric model. By doing so, they will be able to gain a better understanding of the cause-effect relations between different variables, thus making it easier to understand economic-business issues.
Particular competencies of this course are focused into:
  • Acquiring knowledge and understanding of basic principles of econometrics.
  • The ability to create an econometric model and its evaluation.
  • The ability to independently use econometrics to study practical problems.
  • The ability to work, among others, in financial institutions, where statistical-econometric skills are often necessary.
  • Introduction to econometrics,
  • Regression models,
  • OLS method,
  • Multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity, autocorrelation,
  • Various chapters: dummy-variables, stationarity, regression models...
Teaching and learning activities
Teacher explanations
Conversation / debate
Individual research / Presentations
Evaluation systems and criteria
Grading structure (100pts):
• Written Exam 30pts,
• Seminar Work 50pts,
• (Active) Course-work 20pts.

Teaching and learning material
  • Steinbacher. M. Zapiski predavanj. 2022.
  • Osborne, M. J. 2000. An Introduction to Game Theory. Oxford University Press.
  •  Additional materials and other study materials
Office hours
•          before and after the lectures
•          by agreement


Steinbacher, Mitja