Business English 1

SubjectBusiness English 1
Semester3rd and 4th semester
Study programme:Business studies (Master)
Primary language:English
The course will be held in English, and it is a compulsory course in compliance with the officially approved curriculum of the Master's Degree Programme in Business Studies.
Course prerequisites
English language competence at Level B2 (language competence level expected after the completed university-level Program in Business Studies).
Objectives and competences
  • Students without prior Business English knowledge learn how to use business vocabulary from finance, marketing and others in meaningful communication activities. For this reason chapters from the Business Higher book are selected
  • Focus on fluency in various business situations
  • Encouraging spoken and written production in meaningful business contexts
  • One spoken and written assignment every week in line with the course plan
  • Encouraging students' research projects
  • Encouraging the focus on studying different aspects of ethics in business due to the
  • Fact that ethics in business is an added value of our Faculty
  • Writing articles and research plans
Intended learning outcome
  • encouraging fluency in spoken interactions
  • active participation in meetings and conferences (presentations, debates)
  • writing effective business documents
  • carrying out independent research projects and encouraging students to use topics they are particularly interested in  
  • Starting following every individual student on his or her path to become an independent research project leader
  • Encouraging students to start research projects which include different aspects of ethics in doing business
  • Expanding students’ business vocabulary to help them communicate successfully in international business (spoken and written assignments)
  • Role playing to encourage spoken interaction in a wide range of more complex case studies
  • Business correspondence, mainly writing reports, business plans and business letters
  • Every student writes one assignment per week in line with the course plan
  • In-class reports on students’ research projects while other participants encourage researchers to expand their research scope
  • Blue Ocean Strategy or paying attention to growth, development, creativity and ethics rather than to other players on the market
  • Encouraging positive attitude to doing business
Learning and teaching methods
  • active participation in in-class debates based on Discussion Points with a short presentation and a discussion every week
  • active participation in in-class debates based on students’ research projects
  • individual research and team work
  • role-playing, audio-visual material, students’ presentations, written and spoken assignment every week
Assessment methods
The final grade is composed of written assignments (20%), speaking activities (20%), and the written and oral exam (60%)
Course material
  • Kim, Chan W; Mauborgne, Renée. Blue Ocean Strategy. Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant. Harvard Business Review Press. 2015.
  • Brook-Hart, Guy. Business Benchmark Advanced. Student's Book. BEC Higher. Official preparation material for Cambridge English: Business Higher. CUP. 2013.
  • Brook-Hart, Guy. Business Benchmark Advanced Higher. Personal Study Book. CUP. 2007.
  • Wood, Ian; Pile, Louise; Curtis, Sarah. PASS Cambridge BEC Higher. Student's Book. 2nd Edition. Summertown Publishing. 2013.
  • Wood, Ian. PASS Cambridge BEC Higher. Workbook. 2nd Edition. Summertown Publishing. 2013.
  • Business Higher Cambridge English 5 with answers. Authentic Examination Papers from Cambridge ESOL. CUP. 2014.
  • Powell, M.  Martinez, R., Jillett, R. (2004). New Business Matters. Business English with a Lexical Approach (Course book). London: Thomson&Heinle.
  • Šega, L. Veliki moderni poslovni slovar, angleško-slovenski, Cankarjeva založba. 1997.
  • English-English business dictionaries.
  • E-classroom material prepared by the teacher
 Office hours
  • Before and after sessions
  • Upon request


Trampuš, Sonja