Strategy and Law

SubjectStrategy and Law
Semester3/4 semester
Study programme:Law studies (Master)
Primary language:Slovene


Content :

  1. Conflict as a basic issue. Inevitable reality.
  2. Concept of strategy. Military origin. »Philosophy« of fight. Place and time. Strategy without time.
  3. The origins of strategic thinking. Material, phisical and numerical supremacy is changed by premeditate move.
  4. Strategy and tactic.
  5. Authors in military strategy. Analysis of each one. Sun Tzu. Clausewitz. Jomini. Liddel Hart. Beaufre. Aron. »Revolution in military affairs«.
  6. The begining of conflict. Motives. The end of peacefull relations.
  7. Relation between diplomacy and war. Arbitration.
  8. »Diplomacy had failed«. »Declaration of war« or (non declared) attack.
  9. Application on law and public relations and among parties.
  10. Demand. The begining of “fighting”. The development of “hostilities”. Counterattack.
  11. Disposables prove measures.
  12. The diplomacy again. Negotiations. Maybe agreement.
  13. Victory in defeat. Defeat in victory.


Required readings:

  • Clausewitz, Karl von. O vojni. V slovenščini. Tudi v drugih jezikih.
  • Sun Cu. Umetnost vojskovanja. V slovenščini. Tudi v drugih jezikih.
  • Freedman, L. Strategy. A history. 2013. Oxford University Press.
  • Lutwak, Edward. Strategy. The logic of War and Peace. Harvard University Press. 1990.
  • Ude, Lojze. Civilno procesno pravo. 2020. Ljubljana. Uradni list. Ponatis.

Recommended readings:

  • Wedam-Lukič, Dragica. Praktikum za civilno procesno pravo. 1999. Ljubljana. Pravna fakulteta.
  • Rijavec, Vesna. Civilno procesno pravo. Študijski pripomoček. 2010. Maribor. Pravna fakulteta v Mariboru.
  • Jelenič Zidarič, Sandra – Raščan, Stanislav – Kurbegovič, Amerisa – Zupančič, Nataša. Zunanja politika Republike Slovenije: deklaracija in strategija. 2016. Ljubljana. MZZ, RS.

Objectives and competences:
To be aware students with strategic thinking, that they would need in their profession in different places. Law is basicly related with conflict, with work in conflict ambients and previous attempts or eventual solutions of this situations. Always there are an enemy. Is a special game, mix of chess and poker, to reach just interests.

Students will be able to develop general competences:

  • Capacities and stimulation to consider etic values, social responsible thinking and critical relation in front of social behavior in decisions.
  • Initiative and independence of decisions.
  • Extension of general horizon in law that permit wide vision and qualified decisions.
  • Capacities to analize internal and external conditions of working, definition of attaindable goals and strategy to reach it.

Students will be able to develop specifical competences:

  • Capacities to relate knowledge from different domains (interdisciplinarity).
  • Capacities to include new informations and interpretations in the proces of discipline development.
  • Deeper knowledge in the area of choose subject and its utilisation in practice.
  • Student will be able, after the examination, to understand and use the rules, and solve difficult concrete and practice cases.
  • Student will be able to think strategicaly and use this thinking in conflict situations. Will be able to understand and manage this situations in benefit of justice and different parties.

Intended learning outcomes:

Student will know, will be able and will be capable to use the rules of procesal law and use it strategicaly. He will understand its meaning and sens, and also its benefit in a concret conflict situation. This will be clear in all cases of lawyers work in legal claims and petitions in tribunals, negotiations, agreements and consultings.

Learning and teaching methods:

  • Frontal way of teaching. Lectures in dynamic way. Wide posibilities to debate and explanations.
  • Exercises (analysis of situations, analysis of similar decisions, resolution of concret problems).



Lecturer's references:
Univerzitetni diplomirani pravnik. Doktoriral v Madridu. Upokojeni zaslužni profesor Mednarodnega javnega prava, Mednarodnih odnosov in Zgodovine mednarodnih odnosov. Diplomiran iz Vojaške strategije (na Višji vojaški šoli). Diplomiran v Politični sociologiji.


Fink, Andrej