Po Erasmus semestru nas zapušča in deli vtise študent Leonardo iz Parme

Po Erasmus semestru nas zapušča in deli vtise študent Leonardo iz Parme

I chose Slovenija because it was a country that I didn’t know very well, where I could speak English and learning about new cultures. I have already been in Ljubljana long time ago, but I remembered that was a beautiful city. So, I thought: why don’t live there for one semester?

In addition, I asked for some people in Parma that were already being there and all of them talked very well about an Erasmus experience in Ljubljana. It’s difficult to choose and write what most I like about my Erasmus. It’s all the experience “The Most”. It’s a strong, full and amazing adventure that open your eyes and your mind to all the world. The distances became shorter and differences disappear.

I improved the most of all my English, then my cultural bag. I met guys from all over the world. I visited all of Europe with my friends, that also come from all over the Europe, and that’s been unique. Now I’m writing these words a few days before the end of my Erasmus experience and this is not easy at all.

I would like to recommend an Erasmus experience at the Faculty of Law and Business Studies at Catholic Institute of Ljubljana because it’s a beautiful university, with a beautiful way to do university. I really liked my professors and their courses. I’ve been followed and helped in all my needs during this semester.

Leonardo Dondi