Application and Registration

First of all, your university nominates you. This is the official way of an Erasmus student's confirmation. (Please note the nomination deadlines.)

The next step is to fill in, and send back our application form. (Please note the application deadlines):

We cover a wide spectrum of courses for Erasmus students each semester: you have to set your desired courses from the list and send it to us, which will be checked and approved by your departmental coordinator.

After the approval, you can finalize your Learning Agreement and send it to us for signing. Meanwhile we will generate your VIS code (our online university study system), so that after your arrival, you only have to register yourself in the system. This makes you a full status student of Catholic Institute Faculty of Law and Business Studies. And that's it, you will not have any more paperwork!

You will get a student identity card, which will give you a discount on all public transport prices in Slovenia and in numerous other places (restaurants, museums, water parks, exhibitions, etc.)

During the semester, our office as well as the Student Council will organise fieldtrips and events where you can taste traditional Slovenian food, and join other activities.

The Student Council also arranges a student mentor/buddy for each of you, a Slovenian student possibly learning at the same department where you are coming from, and they will be there to help you with all the practical matters concerning arrival, accommodation etc. Of course the International Office is also ready to help you.

Deadlines to submit your Nomination:

  • 1st Semester and whole year: 1st June
  • 2nd Semester: 1st November

Deadlines to submit your Application Documents

  • 1st Semester and whole year: 15th June
  • 2nd Semester: 15th November

It is essential that your home coordinator nominates you officially as an Erasmus exchange student.
Please note that our institute considers every application individually and makes the decision based on the fully filled-in application form.

Erasmus students selected at their home university, wishing to spend a semester or a whole academic year at the Faculty of Law and Business Studies have to apply on time, using our on-line Application Form.

First, please fill in the registration (without registration, you are not able to enter your applicant account). 

The list of courses in foreign languages and the required deadlines will be sent by the coordinator. You can choose your desired courses from this sheet, and you have to send a proposal Learning Agreement (by e-mail) by November 30. Our Erasmus departmental coordinators check the courses, and as soon as they sign it, your Learning Agreement will be confirmed. When you will arrive, please bring the original agreement.

Language Proficiency advice

You are asked to have English competences to follow our English lectures. However, a language certificate is not required to be accepted at our institution. FLBS examinations must be taken in Ljubljana. Slovenian language course is offered to Erasmus exchange students by Faculty of Arts at University of Ljubljana.

The next step is to fill in, and send back our